In a nutshell:

NCCA Canada is a nationally registered non-profit organization that acts as a home for communication skills enthusiasts, especially Communication Coaches and Trainers, and provides networking opportunities, professional development and designation standards for its members.  We also provide the general public with an authoritative online listing of NCCA designated coaches/trainers and companies offering Communication Coach/Trainer certificate programs.  Our primary mission is to contribute to the growth of personal and professional communication skills, both here and abroad.


“Communication Coach” is still a relatively new term, and today there are hundreds of dedicated coaches and trainers in each major city who identify themselves as a communication skills expert.  These people come from various backgrounds including (but not limited to) life coaching, language instruction, theatre arts, human resources (H.R.), corporate training, media, sociology & psychology, etc.  The problem is that unlike the aforementioned industries, Communication Coaching does not have an organization to set the tone and measure professional ethics and standards of this new but flourishing industry.

Until now.

The NCCA executive team is comprised of highly experienced communication skills coaches, trainers and business experts.  Our goal is to provide a home for Communication Coaches & Trainers that will lead to networking opportunities, professional development and certification standards, leading to increased business success and better communication skills globally.  The NCCA is for both individual coaches and trainers as well as organizations wishing to provide such certification training.  Communication Coaches and Trainers, or those interested in this fascinating, broad field of communications now have a place of common interest, ethical standards and professional help to hone this art of communication skills teaching.  This not only benefits the individual coaches and trainers but the companies and organizations seeking professional help for their team’s growth.

The Executive Team:


Mark Bowden

Mark Bowden - NCCA President

A global authority on nonverbal communication. Voted #1 Body Language Professional in the world for two years running. A sought after keynote speaker internationally, Mark trains groups and individuals on how to use their body language to stand out, win trust and gain credibility every time they communicate. As the founder of communication training company TRUTHPLANE® his clients include leading business people, teams, and politicians, presidents and CEOs of Fortune 500 companies and Prime Ministers of G8 powers. He is a bestselling author of 4 books on the subject of body language and human behaviour, with his first book Winning Body Language now translated into five different languages. Presentation trainer for The Kellogg-Schulich Executive MBA, ranked #1 in the world by The Economist, Mark is also a member of the TED community having spoken at TEDx Toronto. Mark can be seen regularly on Canadian network CTV’s daily talk show The Social as the resident Body Language expert, and contributes expert opinion to CBC and CTV News items and panels around political communication.

Ric Phillips

Ric Phillips - NCCA Executive Director

Ric is Canada's first Communication Coach and the founder of 3V Communications Ltd., a company that takes a holistic approach to training interpersonal and professional communication skills.  He is an executive coach and corporate trainer for companies, non-profits, government and educational institutions, helping leaders and their teams communicate simply, clearly and confidently.  Ric is also senior staff and instructor with YEDI – the York Entrepreneurship Development Institute.  He is a frequent speaker at conferences and joined the TED community when he spoke at TEDx Vaughan.  Ric is an author and a blogger, since 2006.  He is often quoted in the media, giving his expert analysis of public speaking, body language and other communication techniques of professionals, politicians and celebrities.

NCCA Board Members

Colleen Clarke

Colleen Clarke

Colleen is a corporate trainer, keynote speaker and career specialist in the areas of career management issues, communication and networking. Colleen is a certified Workplace Coach and columnist for The Globe and Mail’s Nine to Five column. She has been a career advisor on an Oprah Network reality television show and is the networking guru for the BIZTV Network.  Colleen conducts workshops to groups interested in improving sales, interpersonal relationships, communications, team building and self-development. As founder and past Executive Director of the Executive Advancement Resource Network E.A.R.N., Canada’s most recognized self-help networking group for unemployed business professionals, Colleen has provided counseling and guidance to over 8000 individuals in career development.  She is the author of "Networking: How to Build Relationships That Count" and "How to Get A Job and Keep It" and has also authored a chapter in the book The Power of Mentorship: The Mastermind Group with other motivational speakers including Brian Tracy, Bob Proctor, Zig Ziglar, etc.


 Marat Ressin

 Marat Ressin

Dr. Marat Ressin has led an incredible 20+ year career as an internationally successful businessman in business and real estate development.  Having completed his PhD in Economics with a specialization in small business crisis management, Marat has extensive expertise in growing small businesses that attract investment, and has successfully reinvented and rehabilitated over 40 businesses from a variety of industries including charities and non-profits.  Marat is the founder and President of YEDI - York Entrepreneurship Development Institute, a charitable organization that trains entrepreneurs in both for-profit and non-profit sectors.  Marat personally believes in the importance of social impact and has volunteered his knowledge to many not-for-profit organizations to help them become more efficient and achieve their goals.


Our Mission Statement/Purpose of Corporation:

The establishment and operation of a Communication Coaching Professional Association for the purposes of:

  1.  Uniting members of the Communication Coaching Profession and promoting the character and status of the profession, supporting ethical business practices, considering questions of professional usage and courtesy among members of the profession;
  2. Promoting the maintenance and improvement of the qualities and standards of the profession;
  3. Sharing information for the mutual benefit of the members;
  4. To represent the members and present their views to other Associations and government and regulatory agencies;
  5. To work with government agencies to develop quality assurance procedures that can be endorsed by government;

and such other complementary purposes not inconsistent with these objects.