What can the NCCA do for the general public, and for you, the communications professional?  Is it beneficial to join? Those are great questions, and we have the answers!

The NCCA offers the general public a place they can find and hire a designated Communication Coach/Trainer, or find designated training companies that are aligned with NCCA values and standards. 

What does an NCCA Membership/NCCA Designation provide?

Communication Coaches/Trainers, experienced or just starting out, benefit from:

  • Connecting with other coaches, trainers, companies and like-minded organizations both online and in-person to develop our community
  • Taking advantage of Professional Development opportunities like networking events, webinars, live stream training, videos, research papers and more to connect with your peers and potential clients
  • Showcasing your expertise by volunteering as a guest blogger, webinar or live event presenter and more with us (Designated Coaches/Trainers get priority!)
  • Having recognized industry professional standards and a code of ethics that can be admired and adhered to behind you
  • Obtaining recognized industry designation for credibility and trust in your chosen field

Communication skills-oriented training companies benefit from:

  • Having their Communication Coach/Communication Skills Trainer Certification courses validated and recognized by a national body and a panel of experts
  • Gaining access to a pool of those interested or who are certified experts in the field of communication skills coaching and training

There are four ways to connect with NCCA:

  1. Free newsletter to stay in touch with industry standards, news, events and professional development opportunities
  2. Join as a General Member - receive discounts on all NCCA events and help shape this industry
  3. Obtain your Communication Coach/Trainer designation   become a part of our national body of experts and get added to our online directory
  4. Have your training organization designated as an official NCCA member for Communication Coach/Trainer certificate programs and be listed on our official site so individuals and organizations can know your organization is a credible place to go for certification and training (please inquire directly if interested in this).

We're excited to have you on board!

Questions?  Give us a call or email through our CONTACT page