When you are selling your services, do you focus on the benefits, making sure to include the revenue gains (or cost savings) the prospect will likely enjoy? Do you give your prospect some specific examples of the increased revenue or savings of your current and past clients in dollar amounts?  Do you use the terms Return on Investment (ROI), Return on Time (ROT), or Return on Energy (ROE)? If you do, your prospects are more likely to call your services an investment.

While never promising results I cannot predict with certainty, I tell prospects not to hire me if they cannot see my potential contributions to their business as an investment. In fact, when I offer a proposal, in the section where it would normally say “quote”, “fee”, “cost” or “total”, I write “investment."

What do you need to do differently to be seen as an investment by your prospects and clients?

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” - Benjamin Franklin

Bruce Harrott
Small Business Coach
Helping business owners increase revenue and profit
(416) 564-6346

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