Professional NCCA Designation for Organizations - become an organization with an"NCCA Designated Communication Coach/Trainer Certificate Program"

Who is this for?

Does your organization (for or non-profit) offer or plan to offer a communication skills coach/trainer certificate program?  Get recognized officially by a board of industry experts, representing a national body, and have your program become an "NCCA Designated Communication Coach/Trainer Certificate Program."  (Note the program does not have to hold the exact title of Communication Coach.)  This designation is ideal for companies of any size offering some kind of communication skill related coach/trainer certification to individuals, and wish to have the program recognized as in line with NCCA standards.

What are the benefits of NCCA Organization Designation?

Organization designation, an NCCA Certificate of Organization Designation and permission to use the NCCA logo in your advertising (including website) of your designated Communication Coach/Trainer certification programs, and listing here on our NCCA Designated Organizations page, so that interested people can find and trust your training program. This allows government, Human Resources professionals and potential customers to find your certificate program easily.  (If for any reason you do not want to be listed publicly, just let us know.)  You will also be given priority when opportunities for advertising and sponsorship arise at our events.  This is a great way to widen your reach and share your programs with the coaching world. In addition to recognized NCCA Designation of your certificate program, when a Coach/Trainer graduates, they may be entitled to at least one free year of Professional NCCA Designation for Individuals

How does my organization apply for this NCCA Designation?

Those corporations/non-profit organizations wishing to have their Communication Coach/Trainer certifiication programs verified and approved by NCCA please contact us first to start the process.  You will be invited to submit payment (mailed cheque or online payment via credit card/PayPal) after submitting PDF documents of the following:

  • Specific company/organization website link(s) to the Communication Coach/Trainer certification program description.  If not included there please also submit the program's goals, curriculum, timeframe(s) and cost(s), and what provinces/cities the program is offered.
  • 5 testimonials complete with full name of individual students and contact details (phone #, email address)

Someone from NCCA will reach out to you shortly to discuss your application further, and clarify information about your program if needed.  Once your application is approved we will ask you to pay.  Some subsidies available.

Cost: $1000 CAD (no tax) annually, or one-time fee with company enrollment in our General Membership.

Payment can be processed online via PayPal/credit card, or with a cheque.

Please note we unfortunately cannot accept mailed packages of your documents, due to limited post box space.  Therefore please email all documents to us, ensuring all documents are included as one PDF and the subject line reads "Application for Organization Designation" or something like that.  :)

Thank you for your understanding of our desire to keep NCCA designation standards thorough and high.  We will notify you of the results of the examination, within 2 weeks, or if we require any further information/clarification as soon as possible.  We will not process your payment if your organization's program is not a fit, and we will give you feedback on how to improve the designation application, should you wish to re-apply.  Together we are raising the bar of our industry standards.  Thank you!